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Here you will find links to the press or media appoint­ments of our mem­bers, which we would like to high­light on this page.

Our contributions in the media

Emma’s Inter­view at The Cli­mate Bet (30.01.2021) — Our mem­ber Emma gave the project Cli­mate Bet Speech and Answer (Video) on var­i­ous top­ics such as vol­un­teer­ing, the cli­mate del­e­ga­tion and the idea of cli­mate betting.

Inter­view with the Pro-Rail Alliance (24.11.2020) — Clara talks in an inter­view about the role of the rail­ways in the fight against cli­mate change.

Inter­view with Nicole Wilke (27.10.2020) — Infor­mal exchange with Nicole Wilke, Head of the Inter­na­tion­al Cli­mate Pol­i­cy Unit and Chief Nego­tia­tor of the Ger­man Del­e­ga­tion at the World Cli­mate Con­fer­ences. We, among many oth­ers, have been talk­ing about Clara, Fen­ja, Lara. Lea, Pia, Chris­t­ian K., Julian and Niklas W.

Green Youth Camp (Octo­ber 2020) — Togeth­er with 35 young Euro­peans from more than 12 EU coun­tries, Pia was able to devel­op a “Youth Man­i­festo” at the vir­tu­al Euro­pean Youth Camp and then present it.

Clash of Gen­er­a­tions (Sep­tem­ber 2020) — Fen­ja at the BDI Cli­mate Con­gress Future For­ward Talk

LCOY video with Clara and Pia (June 2020) — Clara and Pia were both inter­viewed by LCOY Ger­many in their video “JEDE*R MACHT DEN UNTERSCHIED”. Both can be seen from minute 9 and report about our club. The full video can be found on YouTube.

Lara on Jadu “Now even more” (May 2020) — On the need to think togeth­er from the begin­ning of the new Post-Coro­na Eco­nom­ic Recov­ery Plan and Cli­mate Pro­tec­tion - Blog post

Inter­view with Lara on Jadu “All for All: Whether Coro­na or Cli­mate” (May 2020) — About Cli­mate Jus­tice and Coro­na in Oth­er Coun­tries of the World, Inter­views with oth­er YOUNGO People.

Inno­va­tion pro­tects cli­mate” (27.05.2020) — Chris­t­ian at ZVEI Con­gress on “Inno­va­tion pro­tects cli­mate” on YouTube to watch (approx. from minute 44)

Edu­ca­tion for Sus­tain­able Devel­op­ment as a Motor for Cli­mate Pro­tec­tion: A Look At the UN Cli­mate Con­fer­ence in Madrid” (Post COP25) — Anna Br. as a par­tic­i­pant in the pan­el dis­cus­sion at the Klima­haus Bremen 

Pia — “I, f 22, was at the World Cli­mate Con­fer­ence” (Post COP25) — Inter­view in the ARD-Mediathek to listen

Pia — Cli­mate Sum­mit in Madrid: “Always igno­rance still present” (COP25) — Morn­ing echo inter­view on WDR5 to lis­ten to

Fen­ja on the con­nec­tion between Cli­mate Action and Art (COP 25) - Instagram

Fen­ja Inter­view with Rang Sells “We need the youth and their voice” (COP25) — Inter­view on YouTube and found on the home­page

The pow­er of co-oper­a­tion between sci­ence, faith and­po­lit­i­cal move­ments” (COP25) — Report of the Brah­ma Kumaris Envi­ron­ment Initiative

Cli­mate change is a glob­al prob­lem” (Novem­ber 2019) — Pia was inter­viewed for the Halen­sis cam­pus on cli­mate change.

Cli­mate activism with tail­winds (Novem­ber 2019) – Lara reports in the Spiess­er about Clara and Lukas’ Atlantic cross­ing and the project #Sail­tothe­COP. The arti­cle can also be found in the print­ed booklet.

Research for Future (Sep­tem­ber 2019) – In an arti­cle on the uni­ver­si­ty page, LMU Munich presents Mag­dale­na, who holds a doc­tor­ate in cli­mate impact research.

What remains of the cli­mate sum­mit in New York? (Sep­tem­ber 2019) – That’s what MDR Aktuell asked our Pia. In this inter­view, she gives assess­ments, includ­ing of Merkel’s speech.

Stu­dent from Halle at the UN Cli­mate Sum­mit in New York (Sep­tem­ber 2019) – MDR is cur­rent­ly report­ing on Pia’s par­tic­i­pa­tion in the UN Youth Sum­mit in New York and on the prepa­ra­tions for the sub­se­quent Cli­mate Action Summit.

For the cli­mate at the cen­ter of pow­er (Sep­tem­ber 2019) – The Ost­thüringer Zeitung (OTZ+) writes about Pia’s par­tic­i­pa­tion in the UN cli­mate sum­mit in New York as part of the Ger­man delegation.

#Allinfor­Cli­mate­Ac­tion crit­i­cized: The Fed­er­al Gov­ern­ment is only dis­cussing Pillepalle (Sep­tem­ber 2019) – The Leipziger Inter­net-Zeitung takes up our press release and reports on the appoint­ment in the Fed­er­al Chancellery.

Human­i­ty needs to change in order to live on this plan­et” (August 2019) – Clara gave an inter­view on “Sail to the COP” in which she talks about the ori­gin of the idea, the plans on the boat and her assess­ment of the cur­rent cli­mate debate.

Ger­man cli­mate activists are also sail­ing across the Atlantic (August 2019) – writes about the project “Sail to the COP” and quotes Clara about the project and her moti­va­tion to participate.

Dear school strike instead of heat-free (Sep­tem­ber 2019) – Lara writes in the Spiess­er about the Fri­days-For-Future move­ment and talks to del­e­ga­tion mem­ber Lea, who is active at FFF Munich.

Youth with­out a future? With­out us! (Decem­ber 2018) – On the blog of the Ener­gy & Cli­mate Pro­tec­tion Foun­da­tion, Lara reports on our com­mit­ment at COP24 in Katow­ice and her con­tri­bu­tion to the Talanoa Dia­logue along­side Fed­er­al Min­is­ter Sven­ja Schulze.

Are we still to be saved? (Decem­ber 2018) – The Tagess­chau reports on COP24 in Katow­ice and quotes Felix on the wish­es of the young delegates.

nano-Talk at the Cli­mate Sum­mit (Decem­ber 2018) – 3sat nano talks to Lara, Lars and rep­re­sen­ta­tives of oth­er Ger­man cli­mate asso­ci­a­tions about the COP24 in Katow­ice (approx. 20 min­utes). Anoth­er short­er inter­view will also be avail­able in 3sat nano spezial live (from 38:40 min).

Dai­ly Show on the UN Cli­mate Sum­mit (Decem­ber 2018) – The Tagess­chau reports on COP24 in Katow­ice and Lara’s par­tic­i­pa­tion in the Talanoa Dia­logue with Fed­er­al Min­is­ter Sven­ja Schulze.

Need fun­da­men­tal lifestyle” (Decem­ber 2018) – Lukas talks in the WDR 5 Mor­gene­cho about his impres­sions of COP24 in Katow­ice tells us that if we don’t fun­da­men­tal­ly change our way of life, the econ­o­my can no longer help us.” 

Cli­mate change: “Great step pos­si­ble if every­one takes small steps” (Decem­ber 2018) – Lukas talks in an inter­view with WDR about his expe­ri­ence of being a youth del­e­gate for the first time at a UN cli­mate sum­mit and what can be achieved here as a young observer.

More, now! (Decem­ber 2018) – Lara writes in the Spiess­er about which top­ics are impor­tant at COP24 in Katow­ice and how each indi­vid­ual can com­mit to the climate.

The Ham­burg COP Blog (Decem­ber 2018) – Two of our mem­bers are inter­viewed about our com­mit­ment at the cli­mate con­fer­ences: Pia talks about the work of the Foun­da­tion for the Rights of Future Gen­er­a­tions (SRzG), Fer­nan­da about that of the cli­mate delegation.