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Support us!

As a reg­is­tered asso­ci­a­tion, we are main­ly financed by mem­ber­ship fees and dona­tions. Whether as a sup­port mem­ber over a longer peri­od of time or through a one-time dona­tion: You can sup­port us indi­vid­u­al­ly accord­ing to your per­son­al inter­est or your cur­rent life sit­u­a­tion. Every euro helps us to achieve our goals and to fight for a sus­tain­able, cli­mate- and gen­er­a­tion-friend­ly world.

As a young asso­ci­a­tion that has been found­ed out of a net­work, every euro helps us to car­ry out our goals and projects. The asso­ci­a­tion is ful­ly orga­nized on a vol­un­tary basis. We rely pri­mar­i­ly on dona­tions to get to the cli­mate nego­ti­a­tions by bus and train. They also help us to have dis­cus­sions with deci­sion-mak­ers in dif­fer­ent places in Ger­many or to meet with young peo­ple, to report on our expe­ri­ences and to dis­cuss com­mon ideas for the future. 

That is why we hope for you and your sup­port for a cli­mate- and gen­er­a­tion-friend­ly world!

Sup­port us so that we can con­tin­ue to give lec­tures in the future and pass on our knowl­edge of cli­mate pol­i­cy and our demands to young and old. Source: Stollberg/Future Old Building. 

Would you like to sup­port us on a point-by-point basis? One-off and/or reg­u­lar finan­cial con­tri­bu­tions in the form of dona­tions help us to real­ize our projects or to rep­re­sent young peo­ple at the UN cli­mate con­fer­ences and to pro­vide edu­ca­tion­al work on cli­mate change. You can donate direct­ly to the fol­low­ing account:

Please spec­i­fy a clear pur­pose, e.B. “Free donation”.


Kli­madel­e­ga­tion e.V.
GLS Bank
IBAN: DE37 4306 0967 1299 1681 00

As a non-prof­it asso­ci­a­tion, we are of course hap­py to issue a dona­tion cer­tifi­cate. Your dona­tions are then tax deductible.

You can also eas­i­ly donate online and secure­ly via Twingle. The form can be found here:

Sup­port us so that we can con­tin­ue to devel­op ideas and projects at sem­i­nars and work­ing week­ends in the future. 

Sup­port­ing mem­bers sup­port our association’s work in an ide­al and finan­cial way. In addi­tion to indi­vid­u­als, com­pa­nies or oth­er legal enti­ties can also become spon­sors. Inter­est­ed peo­ple can apply for mem­ber­ship as sup­port mem­bers at any time. 

We look for­ward to your sup­port and say THANK YOU