As a cli­mate del­e­ga­tion, we work close­ly with a num­ber of organ­i­sa­tions. This is done on a project basis or in a reg­u­lar exchange that goes beyond indi­vid­ual projects and con­cerns. All coop­er­a­tions are based on mutu­al trust as well as com­mon val­ues and goals.

Our Advisory Board 

Cli­mate del­e­ga­tion e.V. emerges from a work­ing group of the Youth Alliance Zukun­ft­sen­ergie, an alliance of the major youth envi­ron­men­tal asso­ci­a­tions in Ger­many. This alliance no longer exists in this form. In 2019, the active vol­un­teer mem­bers of the work­ing group found­ed the now inde­pen­dent asso­ci­a­tion Kli­madel­e­ga­tion e.V. The mem­bers remain con­nect­ed to the for­mer spon­sor­ing asso­ci­a­tions through a spe­cial­ly estab­lished advi­so­ry board to this day. Mem­bers of the advi­so­ry board are the BUND Youth, the KLJB Catholic Land Youth Move­ment, the NAJU Nature Con­ser­va­tion Youth in the NABU and the NFJD Nature Friends Youth of Germany.

Membership of the Climate Alliance

Since our foun­da­tion in 2019, we have been a mem­ber of the Cli­mate Alliance Ger­many, a broad social alliance for cli­mate pro­tec­tion. With more than 130 mem­ber organ­i­sa­tions from the fields of envi­ron­ment, church, devel­op­ment, edu­ca­tion, cul­ture, health, con­sumer pro­tec­tion, youth and trade unions, the Cli­mate Alliance is com­mit­ted to an ambi­tious cli­mate pol­i­cy and a suc­cess­ful ener­gy tran­si­tion at local, nation­al, Euro­pean and inter­na­tion­al lev­el. All its affil­i­ates togeth­er rep­re­sent around 25 mil­lion people.

Foundation for the Rights of Future Generations

The Foun­da­tion for the Rights of Future Gen­erations (SRzG, Foun­da­tion for Gen­er­a­tional Jus­tice) is an advoc­to­r­i­al think tank at the inter­face between sci­ence and pol­i­tics. It is con­sid­ered to be the “best-known extra-par­lia­men­tary think tank on inter­gen­er­a­tional jus­tice” (Eco­nom­ic Week). With the SRzG, Kli­madel­e­ga­tion e.V. has a long-stand­ing friend­ship and coop­er­a­tion. We work close­ly togeth­er at the UN cli­mate con­fer­ences and inter­s­es­sion­als as well as in projects. For exam­ple, we orga­nized the Youth Exchange #Ger­Fi­ji fund­ed by the Fed­er­al Min­istry for the Envi­ron­ment togeth­er with SRzG and Project Sur­vival Pacif­ic Youth from Fiji.